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Leading choirs with children from several countries.

Göteborgsposten Monday 20 October 1997

Turkey born singer Hayati Kafe, star on Svensktoppen in the 60s, hasn’t retired from singing. He is about to record a new CD. Today Hayti is also active against rasism, icluding several multi cultural children choirs in Stockholm.

Turkey’s Sinatra sings again

Dagens Nyheter 5-11 may 1990

He has reloaded now, Hayati. During a number of years, from 1974 to 1989, he was a fairly anonymous artist agent as well as an owner of a restaurant. Today music-Sweden get to here a lot more from Hayati Kafe, who was known as Turkey’s Frank Sinatra already as a teenager.

Festival gives life to Ladino.

Svenska Dagbladet 13 November 2006

Today starts the Ladino festival which celebrates the sephardic culture that was created by jews from Turkey and the arab world. The musician Hayati Kafe is organising the music festival together with Kulturhuset.

Wonderful nostalgia in front of a crowded audience.

Sundsvalls Tidning 10 February 2004